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Hole by Hole Layout

Course Tour

Hole 1- Par 4    Photo
A short hole, yet a drive between 220-240 yards down the middle of the fairway leaves you with a severe downhill lie with a short iron into a two-tiered, well-bunkered elevated green

Hole 2- Par 5     Photo
A well-placed tee ball is helpful. The second shot sets up the score on this hole. If the pin is on the right side of the green, lay back to have a full wedge for your approach shot. If the pin is on the left side or in the middle, try to reach the green in two

Hole 3- Par 4     Photo
Keep the drive to the right side of the fairway down the tree line. Second shot will be slightly uphill shot to an elevated green. Shot will require one more club than it measures.

Hole 4- Par 3    Photo
Pin placement is everything on this hole. Do not be long on a front or back pin. Short on a middle pin is also a bad place to be. A two tier green makes long putts and downhill putts very difficult.

Hole 5- Par 5    Photo
Go for it in two! A drive of 240 yards will get you past the bunkers and you shall have anything from a three wood to mid iron into a large green. Be careful not to go too far right, you may end up in the thick stuff.

Hole 6- Par 4    Photo
Play it safe with a tee shot of 180-200 yards to the middle of the landing area.  Try to land the ball right of the 150 yard marker. Second shot will be to an elevated green. You may want to use one more club.

Hole 7- Par 3    Photo
Straight forward Par 3. With a pin in the middle of the green, keep the ball to the right of the hole. This should leave you with an uphill putt.

Hole 8- Par 4    Photo
A tee ball in the left center of the fairway provides the best angle into the green. Beware going through this fairway! Anything beyond 230 yards could be trouble. Add one more club into a well-guarded, elevated green.

Hole 9- Par 4    Photo
Tee balls will have a narrow landing zone. Long hitters can play over the left bunkers but take care to not lose the ball right in the magnolias.  The approach plays a half club longer on a normal day, but be mindful of the winds coming off the river.

Hole 10- Par 5   Photo
Fairly straight away Par 5 with out of bounds down the left. Approach to a wide green. Hole location is key: if pin is tucked on right, play to more of the center to ensure a good look at birdie

Hole 11- Par 4   Photo
Left off the tee makes for an awkward second shot into a well-bunkered green. Aim for 150 yard marker or just right to find the fairway. The green is very deep and slopes away on the back left. Add one club for a back pin

Hole 12- Par 3   Photo
Right off the tee is dead every day of the week. The best approach is to aim at the left back bunker. Careful not to overcompensate for the water because out of bounds runs down the entire left side. Take your par and move on to 13!

Hole 13- Par 5   Photo
Tee shot is straightforward, watch for out of bounds on the right along the road. Long hitters will find this to be an easy green to reach in two. However for those laying up, beware of avoiding the bunker. A tricky three-tier green caps off this fun Par 5.

Hole 14- Par 4   Photo
Tee shot is only half the problem for this difficult Par 4.  The best tee balls will find the right side of the fairway away from the big tree. A tough second shot into an elevated green over water needs to be at least one extra club.  Par is an excellent score.

Hole 15- Par 4    Photo
Plenty of room for driver, stray shots to the left will find out of bounds on Sleepy Hole Road.  A good approach shot to the middle of the green gives you a good look at birdie from all angles.

Hole 16- Par 3    Photo
Deceiving Par 3. On the tee box, it is hard to tell the direction or strength of the wind.  Check the lake, it will give you some idea of what the wind is doing.

Hole 17- Par 4   Photo
Short dogleg right. A tee ball at the 150 yard marker is a safe shot, but beware the bunkers.  Cut the hole short by aiming right of the fairway bunker.  However, this runs the risk of clipping the trees. Fun little hole.

Hole 18- Par 4   Photo
Our signature hole and voted many times as the toughest finishing hole in Tidewater!  Aim at the Obici House off the tee box. A good drive can put the ball at the bottom of the hill with a short iron into the green. Be careful. This hole has trouble everywhere if you don't keep it in the fairway and on the green. A great finish to a great day!

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